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Bigg Eye – An App to monitor trends in eCommerce

Since 2000 we have produced projects as diverse as the companies and institutions we collaborate with.

Whether the project is a new way to reach and hold your audience or on-going business App development, we approach each task with passion and focus. Our process has been carefully aligned with team members, tools and skills needed to yield positive results – on time and on budget.

When it comes to the professional services Chromatrope delivers – lightning strikes thrice…

User-Focused Interactive


The flow of information between human and computer is defined as the loop of interaction.

Chromatrope creates responsive interfaces that maximize the user’s experience resulting in successful interactions and click-through. We are well versed in the plethora of Platforms that currently exist (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, TV) and how best to develop for them. At our core we are passionate about emerging tech, the role of innovation and its implications on traditional Platforms.

Our Interactive Services include:

  • Adaptive Web Experiences
  • Responsive Websites
  • WordPress CMS Websites
  • Custom Coding
  • Eblasts/newsletters
  • Multi-Platform Apps
  • Online Games + Education
  • Satellite-Linked Kiosks

Branding + Graphic Design


Branding, and Graphic Design, are often the first touch-points for your target audience.

Having a brand or design element in alignment with the vision is essential.
Whether you need a new Brand Story or need assistance in tight alignment with Brand requirements, Chromatrope’s experienced designers deliver professional quality work. Our branding solutions are rooted in the analysis of external trends and internal data, which enables design decisions to be made on the basis of facts and research, rather than simply a design aesthetic.

A selection of brand and design services:

  • New Brand Design & Incubation
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Broadcast Video/Animation
  • Information Graphics
  • Voice Over/Jingles
  • Existing Brand Revitalization
  • B2B and B2C Brand Development
  • Strategic Brain-Storming

Modern Social Strategy

Chromatrope’s outreach + marketing strategies are dynamic and interactive, analytically focused on the long view.

In this modern era products, experiences and services must not only anticipate change, but thrive in it. Our team is built on bringing the best ideas to the client and working in collaboration to achieve the goals. We are long time believers in the disruptive power of the internet to change the way we live, learn and work. Within the concept of continuous development, we closely follow new waves in social communication, audience and interaction.

Strategic Services Chromatrope provdes:

  • Mobile Commerce Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Peer Review
  • Consumer/Audience Study
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Targeted Media Buys

Working with us.


Working with Chromatrope is designed to be easy – one of the ways we accomplish this is by on-site interactions and brain-storming early in the project. This early interaction sets the foundation for all communication going forward.


We know our clients time is extremely valuable, we value our time as well. Our off-site process leverages the most current technologies to interact remotely – trimming hours off typical project calendars.

Call today to learn how we can make the most out of your next project or campaign: