Chromatrope blends art, technology + human response into success for our clients.

Product, Service and Experience magic for Companies, Organizations + select Start Ups.


Diligent User-Focused Interaction.

The flow of information between human and computer is defined as the loop of interaction. Chromatrope creates responsive and adaptive user interfaces that maximize the depth of the user’s experience.


Inspired Brand-Driven Design.

Chromatrope’s design process is rooted in supporting the strategic mission within the brand vision. Our solutions are based on industry experience coupled to analysis of emerging trends.

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Word Camp NYC

WordCamp NYC, the WordPress Woodstock, is in the books and there were some really great speakers discussing a host of new and exciting features, functions [...]

Is the future of AI just Google daydreaming?

The Turing test, named by British mathematician Alan Turing in his 1950 paper Computing Machinery and Intelligence, opened with the words: "I propose to consider [...]

Prime Air begins to take-off.

The future of eCommerce JIT delivery got a little bit closer yesterday as Amazon released new footage of the Prime Air project. "Amazon Prime Air [...]

The EARTHscope; making the invisible visible.

Chromatrope was tasked with creating a re-usable digital platform for "Edu-Stories" about the planet Earth, it's resources and cultures. The project, led by the Joshua [...]

In The Elevator With Chris: Platform as a Service.

Sometimes low tech is the best way to describe hi-tech. Chromatrope produced this Marketing video POC for Tacit Knowledge's CEO as an "elevator pitch" vehicle [...]

Gristmill Distillers – Virtual Pop Up Store

The Gristmill Distillers team is touring farmers markets from Upstate New York to Downtown Brooklyn promoting the new Black Fly batch. The Pop-Up Store provides [...]

eCommerce Holiday Campaign

Chromatrope produced this campaign to target ecommerce agents of change with a fresh play on an old favorite theme. The 800lb Gorilla. There [...]

BiggEye Mosaic at 4K UHD

Built on the Big Data framework of BiggEye, the BiggEye Mosaic is an online display of the top 50 performing eCommerce sites. Chromatrope developed what [...]

Chicago Storytellers Local

Chromatrope recently completed production on Chicago Storytellers Local - a ground-breaking writing workshop that is the brainchild of Hollywood legend Daniel Joshua Rubin. We also [...]

Spotify moves to a new drummer.

Every day, millions of people lace up their running sneakers and hit the pavement for a long…or short run. Many people listen to music while [...] relaunch

Newgistics, a world leader in end-to-end commerce, needed a firm to collaborate and provide technical know-how alongside the current Creative Team. The primary challenge was [...]

Responsive vs Adaptive – an InfoVideo produced for Tacit Knowledge

Chromatrope recently produced an "Info-Graphic-Video" for eCommerce powerhouse Tacit Knowledge. The video was designed to quickly bring team members up to date on the merits [...]

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