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  • chroma_blog_wordcamp

Word Camp NYC 2016

WordCamp NYC 2016, the WordPress Woodstock, is in the books and there were some really great speakers discussing a host of new and exciting features, [...]

  • chroma_blog_GoolgeAI2016

Is the future of AI just Google daydreaming?

The Turing test, named by British mathematician Alan Turing in his 1950 paper Computing Machinery and Intelligence, opened with the words: "I propose to consider [...]

  • Chroma_BLG_PrimeAir

Prime Air begins to take-off.

The future of eCommerce JIT delivery got a little bit closer yesterday as Amazon released new footage of the Prime Air project. "Amazon Prime Air [...]

  • Chroma_BLG_EARTHscope2015

The EARTHscope; making the invisible visible.

Chromatrope was tasked with creating a re-usable digital platform for "Edu-Stories" about the planet Earth, it's resources and cultures. The project, led by the Joshua [...]

  • CHRM_InTheElevatorwithChris

In The Elevator With Chris: Platform as a Service.

Sometimes low tech is the best way to describe hi-tech. Chromatrope produced this Marketing video POC for Tacit Knowledge's CEO as an "elevator pitch" vehicle [...]

  • Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.28.15 PM

Gristmill Distillers – Virtual Pop Up Store

The Gristmill Distillers team is touring farmers markets from Upstate New York to Downtown Brooklyn promoting the new Black Fly batch. The Pop-Up Store provides [...]

  • TK_holiday_pstrFull

eCommerce Holiday Campaign

Chromatrope produced this campaign to target ecommerce agents of change with a fresh play on an old favorite theme. The 800lb Gorilla. There [...]

  • Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 11.19.56 PM

BiggEye Mosaic at 4K UHD

Built on the Big Data framework of BiggEye, the BiggEye Mosaic is an online display of the top 50 performing eCommerce sites. Chromatrope developed what [...]

  • CSL_businesscardCASE

Chicago Storytellers Local

Chromatrope recently completed production on Chicago Storytellers Local - a ground-breaking writing workshop that is the brainchild of Hollywood legend Daniel Joshua Rubin. We also [...]

  • Chroma_BLG_2015spotify

Spotify moves to a new drummer.

Every day, millions of people lace up their running sneakers and hit the pavement for a long…or short run. Many people listen to music while [...]

  • Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 11.13.37 PM relaunch

Newgistics, a world leader in end-to-end commerce, needed a firm to collaborate and provide technical know-how alongside the current Creative Team. The primary challenge was [...]

  • Chroma_blog_TK_vid_011515

Responsive vs Adaptive – an InfoVideo produced for Tacit Knowledge

Chromatrope recently produced an "Info-Graphic-Video" for eCommerce powerhouse Tacit Knowledge. The video was designed to quickly bring team members up to date on the merits [...]

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