A professionally produced video marketing campaign is one of the best ways to expand a brand’s awareness and improve a company’s SEO success.

Much of the available research points to the value in no uncertain terms – for example:

    Websites with Professionally Produced Video Content hold viewer attention for more than two minutes longer on average than sites without video files.

    Consumers are 27 times more Likely to Click-Through Online Video Ads than Standard Banners and almost 12 times that of Rich Media Ads. Source

    Benchmarking Viewer Abandonment in Online Video, 20% of Video viewers will click away in 10 seconds or less, about 33% of Video viewers by 30 seconds and 45% of them by 1 minute. Source

What do these numbers mean? They all add up to the conclusion that having a well-planned and professionally produced video will improve the user experience on your website, or in your business.

Chromatrope’s video professionals have years of experience that they bring to bear on each project.

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