As you may have already heard, Microsoft will begin the process of phasing out Internet Explorer beginning with Windows 10.

Chief Marketing Officer, at Microsoft, Chris Capossela made the official announcement, following months of rumors, that appears to be the trajectory.

According to a report from NPR, there is a new browser in the works called Project Spartan with a new name comes new features.

“That’s still a code name and will likely change, but there are some things about Spartan that seem to be already set in stone. It will come with a personal Web assistant called Cortana, a special reading mode, a more streamlined layout and new annotation tools that work with keyboards or pens.Internet Explorer will linger on for a bit, though. In Windows 10, some versions will keep the option to use IE in order to work with older programs and devices.”
Chris Capossela, CMO, Microsoft

Internet Explorer, released August 16, 1995, was one of the most widely used browsers during its legacy.


“With IE 10 and 11, “the browser you love to hate” seems like a modern browser that’s discriminated against more for reasons of history and loyalty than for any real technical reasons. But you can’t always ignore history and start from scratch, especially when you realize how much Microsoft had in its grasp in the 1990s and how much of the web platform Google and Mozilla have brought us since it let slip through its fingers back then.”

Mary Branscombe
CITEworld | Apr 24, 2014