Chromatrope was tasked with creating a re-usable digital platform for “Edu-Stories” about the planet Earth, it’s resources and cultures. The project, led by the Joshua Arnow and Marshall Lefferts representing the Buckminster Fuller Institute, was called EARTHscope.

The project was built leveraging a process defined by R. Buckminster Fuller the renowned 20th century inventor and visionary. In 1962, R. Buckminster Fuller published plans for a, “giant, 200-foot diameter… miniature earth — the most accurate global representation of our planet ever to be realized.” The Geoscope would be a massive 3-D educational environment, using an array of computers and databases to display real-time and historical data on nearly any world situation.

Even using today’s technology, the Geoscope is an ambitious project in terms of hardware, programming, and data collection/analysis. The EARTHscope is a step towards realizing that dream. Using readily available software, web-friendly presentations of critical issues can be quickly built and easily displayed almost anywhere in the world.

Discovery – An extensive discovery period with leading thinkers of the day resulted in a v1.0 that told the “Edu-Story” of human impact from the dawn of the industrial age projected out 100 years into the future. For the future storyline we enlisted the talents of noted futurist Hardin Tibbs.

Extensible – To allow additional stories to be added the project was adapted into the EARTHscope Library.