We expect the iPhone6 (or the iPhone5S) will be announced at the WWDC in June, and rumblings in the Bay Area indicate that the latest incarnation of Apple’s iconic phone will be available in September (October in Apple Calendar Speak). What will this new phone have in store? Here is some of what we know is in the pipeline…

    Size: Once again look for a slimmed down case that’s lighter too.
    Storage: Rumors have it at a whopping 128GB onboard storage!
    Camera: Videos and Photos will be bigger too, courtesy of a 13MP camera.
    Connectivity: 4G and improved WiFi range.
    Operating System: A faster CPU and iOS7
    James Bond: One rumor has it that the Home Button will include a fingerprint reader!

So what can we expect in the Fall? As usual, we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, take a look at this entertaining video from You Tube: