The App

BIGG EYE is an online tool that monitors the availability and site performance of over 2000 major eCommerce sites in the United States and UK. It also provides the user with the ability to track 5 sites against each other for performance, downtime, ranking and other variables.


Chromatrope worked closely with Tacit Knowledge, and their partners, in creating a fluid user experience for the target audience. A combination of in-person brainstorming combined with regular virtual get-togethers resulted in a cohesive plan for launching the beta of the App.

Naming & Branding

Chromatrope coordinated branding and naming exercises which resulted in the name Bigg Eye. Two letter “g”s in true App fashion. The brand was designed to have a clean modern look of radar screens and glowing dials. The iconic eye was inspired an array of familiar internet “eyes”.

Targeted Affinity Microsite

The use of a Targeted Affinity Microsite, or TAM, provided a focused stage on which to define the long and short term goals and functions of the BiggEye. Video was used to add depth and the human element to the story.


The App has two uses, the first is as a public tool for basic analysis of the leaders and losers in eCommerce.

The second is a platform for Tacit Knowledge’s engineering and sales teams to keep a pulse on the eCommerce landscape.

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