The story always begins with a conversation.

For over 15 years we have been refining and adjusting our work flow and process to best suit our clients – and their bottom line. Our process is designed to flow seamlessly into your daily, weekly or quarterly routine. We have found that this provides a solid foundation for success. Below is a typical chain of events in our Launch work flow.

The first step in the process is speaking with one of our team members regarding the needs and wants of your project or campaign. A response email detailing recommended elements of the proposed project is created and sent out for review.

  • The process is rooted in deep meaningful discussion about the project at hand.
  • Key team members and decision makers are essential in this phase.
Based on the conversations, virtual discussions and emails during contact, a simple document is drafted that includes agreed upon line items, timeline and budget. Once approved, work begins as scheduled.

  • In-person conversations and brainstorming accelerate the process.
  • Virtual discussions and emails provide continuity through launch.
Every project, no matter the scale, begins with an in-depth review of company, market/industry, strategic targets and goals. A document is created that details the results of discovery – this document is used by the team to ensure consistency.

  • Every member of the chromatrope team subscribes to the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • In some cases Discovery might require team members to view pre-launch or proprietary materials.
With the strategic targets and goals confirmed a planning document and timeline is created that defines the production cycle, roles, responsibilities and deliverables.

  • Documentation provides a road map to launch and follow-up.
  • An in-depth review of company, market and industry provides a strategic foundation.
Once planning is finalized production begins – in some cases some items may need to be completed before others can begin. The process is designed to move quickly – the goal is to get the campaign or project functional in a timely fashion.

  • Web & Interactive requires a thorough understanding of all contemporary platforms and devices.
  • Broadcast provides a forum for targeted outreach, storytelling and audience mapping.
  • Print presents the same tactile interaction of movable type started by Gutenberg over 570 years ago.
Whether it is a brand refresh, a viral video or an online advertising campaign, the launch is a key moment to reach out to the community. Careful consideration of existing contacts in database, industry outlets and general news formats result in a strong PR and media campaign.

Web: Analyze for ROI

After the launch the opportunity to review and analyze the results of the effort is essential to getting the best return on time and budget.


In this graph, created by BiggEye, the blue line represents traffic to the site, the orange displays the performance and load on the servers. In this case; Party City and the rush up to Halloween – clearly shown as a spike of orange as the servers respond to the extra demand. This is one example of the detailed picture analytics can paint. But it’s more than a radar in the fog, there is an array of data that can be naturally harvested from the site visitors experience. It is this information that helps define the direction going forward.

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