Chromatrope produced this campaign to target ecommerce agents of change with a fresh play on an old favorite theme. The 800lb Gorilla.

There is no doubt as to who is the “800 hundred pound gorilla” in the room.
The calmest person in the room is the one who uses the services provided by Tacit Knowledge (as seen in thought bubble).

“Where does an 800-lb. gorilla sit?” The answer: “Anywhere it wants to.”

Campaign plan: roll-out through direct mail print to fine-targeted leads. Existing leadss receive post tube with mini-poster. All outreach followed up with voice from sales team.

We created Magazine ads to be placed in the leading trade & industry magazines targeted to C-level stake holders.


A Home Page Banner was created as a visual link from the print to interactive – all elements work in harmony to communicate a pictogram of sorts – Gorilla, Client 1 has not yet discovered TK. Client 2 rests easy as a zen garden in the confidence that she chose TK.


We enlisted the talents of Nova Languages to assist us with the language localization.

“The stressful challenge cannot be denied, Holiday will come and you will either be prepared or not. Tacit Knowledge provides a well-crafted solution tailored to the clients need – and peace of mind.”

Please Note: The highest weight recorded for an actual obese gorilla is 600 pounds, the average weight is 400 pounds.
In case you were wondering.

PARTNER: Language / Nova Languages
SOURCE: 800lb Gorilla / wikipedia