In The Elevator With Chris: Platform as a Service.

Sometimes low tech is the best way to describe hi-tech. Chromatrope produced this Marketing video POC for Tacit Knowledge's CEO as an "elevator pitch" vehicle for introducing an as yet un-named Platform as a Service. WATCH THE VIDEO

Video Animation tells a moving story.

This custom video project, produced for Tacit Knowledge, was actually 2 videos joined for display at the 2014 Internet Retailers Conference & Exhibition. The 2 components were Peak Ready Performance and Adaptive/Responsive/TK Hybrid overview videos. The goal was to produce a single video that could be used in the exhibit booth, but also be leveraged [...]

On Location – The Valley Fireplace.

We were recently on-location for The Valley Fireplace, shooting footage for TV spots that were to air on HGTV and other targeted channels. We were lucky to be filming at one of the nicest homes on the North Shore of Long Island with cloud free blue skies. One of the tools we used on this [...]

Why Professional Video matters…

A professionally produced video marketing campaign is one of the best ways to expand a brand’s awareness and improve a company’s SEO success. Much of the available research points to the value in no uncertain terms - for example: Websites with Professionally Produced Video Content hold viewer attention for more than two minutes longer on [...]