Prime Air begins to take-off.

The future of eCommerce JIT delivery got a little bit closer yesterday as Amazon released new footage of the Prime Air project. "Amazon Prime Air is a future service that will deliver packages up to five pounds in 30 minutes or less using small drones. Flying under 400 feet and weighing less than 55 pounds, [...]

The EARTHscope; making the invisible visible.

Chromatrope was tasked with creating a re-usable digital platform for "Edu-Stories" about the planet Earth, it's resources and cultures. The project, led by the Joshua Arnow and Marshall Lefferts representing the Buckminster Fuller Institute, was called EARTHscope. The project was built leveraging a process defined by R. Buckminster Fuller the renowned 20th century inventor and [...]

Chicago Storytellers Local

Chromatrope recently completed production on Chicago Storytellers Local - a ground-breaking writing workshop that is the brainchild of Hollywood legend Daniel Joshua Rubin. We also had the fortune of working with Designer Glenn Wolk who created the WPA style brand elements.

Spotify moves to a new drummer.

Every day, millions of people lace up their running sneakers and hit the pavement for a long…or short run. Many people listen to music while running to inspire them to run faster or farther. When our playlists are on shuffle, we hope for those perfect songs that will keep our energy up and keep us [...]

Apple Watch – why you should, and should not, get one.

Remember the days when you needed to wear a watch in order to tell time instantly?  Yeah, me neither. Sitting at my computer at this moment, I can find the current time in three places – the bottom right hand corner of my computer screen, on my smart phone sitting on my desk, and on [...]

The phasing out of Internet Explorer – what it means.

As you may have already heard, Microsoft will begin the process of phasing out Internet Explorer beginning with Windows 10. Chief Marketing Officer, at Microsoft, Chris Capossela made the official announcement, following months of rumors, that appears to be the trajectory. According to a report from NPR, there is a new browser in the works [...]

Go ahead, MAKE my day – Maker Faire 2014

Joe and Doug from Chromatrope had the opportunity to overload their brains and recharge their creativity recently during the Maker Faire in New York City. The show was a cross-pollination of tech and craft with everything including 3d printed food (chocolate), a full size 3d printed car, a demonstration by one of the originators of [...]

iPhone 6 arriving in September?

We expect the iPhone6 (or the iPhone5S) will be announced at the WWDC in June, and rumblings in the Bay Area indicate that the latest incarnation of Apple's iconic phone will be available in September (October in Apple Calendar Speak). What will this new phone have in store? Here is some of what we know [...]