Built on the Big Data framework of BiggEye, the BiggEye Mosaic is an online display of the top 50 performing eCommerce sites. Chromatrope developed what we like to call “the front of the stereo” – a dynamic front end that engages the user with a visual display of the state of ecommerce. The back of the stereo is where all the heavy lifting takes place. This version was purpose built for 4K UHD TElevision. The TK Proprietary engine will create stunning home page renditions for display in the array.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 11.20.09 PM
Site Stats Pop Up
The pop up features a detailed view of the site statistics, a close-up view of the Home Page and links out to the live site.

View the BiggEye Mosaic
Note: This is design for display at 4K UHD and may not respond as expected.