This custom video project, produced for Tacit Knowledge, was actually 2 videos joined for display at the 2014 Internet Retailers Conference & Exhibition. The 2 components were Peak Ready Performance and Adaptive/Responsive/TK Hybrid overview videos. The goal was to produce a single video that could be used in the exhibit booth, but also be leveraged post conference on the website and the TK you tube channel, for SEO and with sales staff during pitches.

Process – Peak Ready Performance:

The process began with discovery and white board sessions to review the concept, define the storyline and develop a visual metaphor. The metaphor of cars worked well, as compared to traffic on a website during peak periods, allowing a variety of eCommerce challenges to be presented while preserving the story’s continuity.

The animations begin in an isometric view and then shift to a schematic view as the complexity increases and the metaphor is reduced.

Presenting the Peak Ready Performance concept of “wait points” was first explored via the creation of a simple web app prototype for testing the scenario.
You can see the desktop sample by clicking here

From Doug, Chromatrope’s Director of Interactive:

“When tasked with creating a visualization for the behavior of SlowLight, and PeakReadyPerformance as a whole, our default end goal was an animated presentation. To get there, we needed to understand the technologies we were going to portray visually.

To conceive a visual metaphor for a software, one has to understand the software’s actual behavior. We started with the advantage of a client CEO who as a developer himself had hands-on understanding of his company’s software, but also had some drawing chops.

He was able to convey his thorough knowledge of the software as a series of preliminary drawings. We, as a visualization company with also some programming chops, were able to expand the ideas in those drawings to an interactive visual model.

The advantage of an interactive model over a series of initial animations was that we were able to verify overarching proof of concept long before the extensive storyboarding-through-animation process got underway. A few days of programming an interactive model gave a visualization to our client with which he could confirm that we understood the process of the software we were to animate.

Compared to the couple weeks it would take to animate the scenes informed by this model, it was a time savings even if our initial interactive interpretation had not been approved off the bat, and had required a couple rounds of revision / refinement.

In the case of animating a software behavior, a living core storyboard allows all parties to mutually confirm the accuracy and direction of the creative vision.

This avoids the all too common situation of both creative team and technology client becoming invested in a powerful initial visualization that at its core does not convey an understanding of the subject it is portraying.

Beautiful graphics can be hypnotic. But if the story is wrong, they are ultimately useless. Worse, they are counterproductive.”

The TK branded products Slowlight and Simulator are explained, the PRP checklist process is reviewed and the video concludes with a case-study walkthrough on the performance improvements of the Beaverbrooks project.


Process – Adaptive/Responsive/TK Hybrid:

The Adaptive/Responsive portion is a comparison animation based on the standards of Adaptive and Responsive Web development and how TK’s approach is a hybrid of the two coupled with TK’s proprietary process.


This video concludes with a case study walkthrough on the application of the TK process on the Mulberry project.

Voice Over:

Careful consideration was paid to the voice over script, and talent, to provide clear, easy to understand terminology and explanations. This assured that the video could be viewed as a stand-alone without a sales person explaining the concept as one might find in a slide deck presentation.


Staff on this project included; creative director, animators, broadcast video editor, voice over talent, audio engineer, illustrators, script writer/editor, flash programmer and a web developer.

Additionally, because Peak Ready Performance was a new service concept, a senior designer was tasked with quickly creating PRP brand elements, researching (and securing) a custom web address, developing a branded webpage, adding the service page to the TK main website and TK’s you tube channel.