We combine the nimble attributes of a boutique Agency with the economic horsepower of a talent farm resulting in better experiences for our clients.

Welcome To Chromatrope

Chromatrope was founded in May of 2000 by four agency colleagues intent on producing great work and redefining the day-to-day operation of a design, technology and marketing firm. The team spent the first year studying emerging trends, testing technology and refining the model. Several items came out of the research that were applied to Chromatrope’s business model.

The first item was elimination of the traditional physical location. In 2001, Chromatrope eliminated the “brick and mortar” office in favor of a virtual environment. At the time few firms were leveraging the internet in this way. While it did present some challenges at the start, the idea worked well and is still in practice today. Currently, every team member works both on-site with our clients and remotely via the web. For off-site brainstorm meetings, when privacy and focus are essential, locations and services are arranged.

The second item was a revised work-flow that took into consideration the challenge of engaging very busy clients in the production of the project. Virtual meeting spaces, email, texting and video chatting were all utilized as communication tools that allow clients to participate without having to leave the comfort of their office or location. Today our clients are busy as ever, this array of tools and practices provides a malleable solution tooled to their needs.

Analyze this… and that.

Having roots in the Bay Area of San Francisco, Chromatrope was an early adopter of emerging trends on the web. Online analytics was an organic result of data harvesting techniques. Analytics has become an essential tool for learning the habits of the target audience and responding to that information. Today, knowing audience and user habits is essential to any successful venture. Chromatrope continues to keep abreast of emerging tools and techniques to maximize our clients marketing and outreach investment.

Who Is Chromatrope

Chromatrope collaborates with leading companies, organizations and select start-ups, helping them to design, engineer, and bring to market meaningful products and services. With an interdisciplinary team of designers, strategists, and software engineers, Chromatrope creates experiences that span multiple technologies, platforms, and media.
Our philosophy is simple: bring our clients solutions that outperform any other agency in our industry.
By combining our experience and thoughtful planning at the start of the project – we consistently deliver on-time and on-budget.
It’s no secret – we approach every project with innovation and energy – adopting the same passion our clients have.

Our Primary Skills

Design 94
Strategy & Marketing 89
Technology 91
Creativity 129

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